NW Fishing Secrets Gear

NW Fishing Secrets Gear

If you are a fan of NW Fishing Secrets YouTube channel just like we are here at TEOS GEAR, you probably also wonder what are the specific fishing and camping gear does Leif Steffny use in his videos.

The good news is that you don’t need to look further because we searched the entire channel and the whole of the internet to find the gear of NW Fishing Secrets. This list does not include the entirety of NW Fishing Secrets gear, but these few gear we identified can help you especially if you want to buy and have the same gear as the YouTube channel.

We went the extra mile to search these gear on Amazon where you can check the specs and current prices of each gear.

NW Fishing Secrets Camping and Fishing Gear

These are some of the gears that NW Fishing Secrets use in his fishing and camping adventures.

As expected the camera that NW Fishing Secrets is using is a GoPro Hero 11. GoPro is the go-to action camera for adventure YouTubers. Almost all of the biggest names on YouTube in the outdoor and adventure niche is using a GoPro such as YBS Youngbloods, Cavy Fishing, Rokkit Kit, Strick and Fran from Back2Basics Adventures, and more.

NW Fishing Adventure Camera Gear

NW Fishing Secrets Fishing Gear

NW Fishing Secrets Camping Gear

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