Have you ever considered the possibility of zombies lurking beneath the ocean’s surface?

I certainly hadn’t until a fateful day when I found myself face to face (or should I say “arm to arm”) with them during an exciting ocean expedition. Little did I know that this eerie encounter would be the catalyst for not one but two appearances on Philippine national television.

Here is the interesting tale of how a mysterious ocean zombie tentacle wrapped itself around my arm, thrusting me into the national spotlight.

“Calvin” of TikTok

I recently uploaded a snippet from one of my older YouTube videos to TikTok.

Given my limited presence on the platform, I had modest expectations for its performance. However, to my surprise, the clip garnered over 100,000 views and a multitude of comments on the very first day. Subsequently, it went on to accumulate a staggering 8 million views and still counting up to this day!

@teogt_official Grabe ang lakas nito nasugatan balat ko! ‼️⚠️ #crazy #fearless #creature #bizzare #viral #viralvideo #animal #extraterrestrial #ufo #uap #alien ♬ original sound – teogt – TEO GT YouTube Channel

The content of the video left viewers deeply unsettled, with many expressing sheer terror.

Some were so disturbed that they couldn’t bear to watch it again, while others declared they would never venture into the ocean. A few even likened the gripping tentacle on my arm to Calvin from the movie ‘Life,’ with Ryan Reynolds as one of the casts.

The intensity of the scene was palpable as the tentacle clung to my arm with excruciating force.

Featured on TV

As a result of the immense popularity and intrigue surrounding my TikTok video, television shows expressed interest in turning it into a captivating story.

The first TV appearance came courtesy of Kuya Kim Atienza‘s segment on ‘Kuya Kim Ano Na?‘ in 24 Oras. The second opportunity emerged with ‘AHA!,’ hosted by Drew Arellano which was aired on September 17, 2023.

The Encounter

Growing up near the ocean, I’ve always been an explorer, and my YouTube channel is a testament to that, featuring fishing and sea creatures.

One day, after a storm hit our province, I headed to the beach to assess the ocean’s post-storm conditions. Some friends were foraging for seashells, which were abundant due to the waves. Equipped with my trusty GoPro camera, I joined in.

As I scoured the rocky shoreline for seashells, I spotted something odd.

A sporadic spray of water from between the rocks intrigued me, prompting a closer look and that’s when I realized there was an octopus hiding there!

In our province, octopuses are a local delicacy, and it’s legal to catch and eat them.

My hunter’s instinct kicked in, and with just my GoPro in hand, I made a daring decision: to capture the octopus barehanded!

Human Arm vs. Octopus Arm

I readied myself for an ambush, recognizing that octopuses are exceptionally intelligent and acutely aware of their surroundings.

To get closer, I had to move stealthily, treading lightly on the rocky terrain. As I closed in, I caught a glimpse of its vigilant eye, which heightened the tension.

With my GoPro camera clutched in my left hand, my sole recourse for capturing the octopus was my right hand.

Slowly, I extended my arm toward the rock concealing the creature. Summoning all my strength and determination, I abruptly upended the rock, unveiling the octopus, and in a split second, I lunged to seize it with my bare hands!

I thought I had secured my prize, but the battle had only just begun.

The octopus fought back vigorously, and my initial victory proved short-lived. What I held in my grasp were not my anticipated meal but two resilient tentacles, which stubbornly clung to my arm, suctioning onto my skin.

In disbelief, I realized the octopus had managed to slip away, leaving me with nothing but these autonomous, writhing appendages.

It was a marvel and a mystery how these tentacles, severed from their body, retained vitality and seemed to possess a life of their own.

Alien or Zombie?

In an article featured on discovery.com, it is revealed that octopus tentacles possess their own miniature brains.

This extraordinary characteristic enables these tentacles to continue functioning autonomously for a considerable duration, even after being severed from the octopus’s main body.

Notably, they retain the ability to respond to various stimuli, as clearly demonstrated in my video where they maintain the capacity to grasp, reach, and, astonishingly, researchers found out it can even exhibit behaviors such as attempting to transport food towards the non-existent mouth of the octopus (amazing but scary!).

It’s little wonder why many liken octopuses to extraterrestrial beings right here on Earth!

The Octopus’ Revenge

I allowed the tentacles to linger on my arms for a brief period, but this decision proved to be an unfortunate one.

It resulted in bruises and tiny cuts inflicted by the tenacious suction cups. It was abundantly clear that this octopus was not about to surrender without putting up a determined fight, even in the absence of its main body.

In all fairness, regardless of the legality of my intent to capture it for food, the octopus had every right to defend itself.

Interestingly, it appears highly likely that the octopus deliberately detached its tentacles as a diversionary tactic to escape from me.

This remarkable ability is known as Autotomy, wherein a creature can voluntarily sever its own limbs as a defensive strategy. While this phenomenon is often observed in reptiles like lizards and geckos, what makes it truly astonishing is their capacity to regenerate the lost body parts.

The marvel of nature at its finest!

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