Who is Nastya Bushcraft (YouTube)?

There is a beautiful girl from YouTube who is garnering lots of views especially from short form videos or YouTube Shorts.

Her content is about camping, bushcraft and survival in the forest. TEOSGEAR is a fan of these kinds of videos on YouTube, in fact, we have written few articles before about bushcraft (particularly female bushcraft YouTubers). Examples are Free Bushcraft, Victoria Outside, Joe Robinet, Xander Budnick and etc.

This amazing bushcraft girl from YouTube is Nastya Bushcraft.

In this article, TEOSGEAR will lay down all available information about Nastya Bushcraft.

Who is Nastya Bushcraft – Real Name

Nastya Bushcraft has become a focal point for thrilling and captivating adventures set against the backdrop of beautiful and untamed natural landscapes.

While the enigmatic creator’s full name remains hidden from public view, a revelation from her donation account suggests her first name is Anastasia, and she calls the United States home.

Nastya Bushcraft’s real name is Anastasia.

Since its inception on August 10, 2023, Nastya Bushcraft has been making waves in the world of outdoor content, with a primary focus on wilderness camping, survival skills, solo bushcraft, outdoor cooking, and various outdoor activities. A notable feature of her success is the millions of views she has garnered on YouTube shorts, which have helped propel her to a rising star in the sphere of outdoor exploration and adventure on the platform.

Viewers are left captivated by both the charm of the wilderness she explores and the allure of the girl guiding them through it.

Most Famous Video of Nastya Bushcraft

Nastya Bushcraft’s claim to YouTube fame lies in a remarkable 15-second YouTube short, where she demonstrates a fascinating method of igniting a fire using a plastic bag, water, and natural sunlight.

This extraordinary video has captured the attention of viewers worldwide, amassing over 23 million views and continues to attract more. Nastya’s ability to distill a captivating skill into a mere 15 seconds has made her a sensation in the realm of wilderness and survival content on YouTube.

Nastya Bushcraft Age

In the quest to unearth more details about Nastya Bushcraft, TEOSGEAR embarked on an exhaustive internet search to uncover information regarding her age.

To our surprise, the vast realm of the internet provided no concrete clues about this particular aspect of her life.

Faced with this intriguing mystery, we resorted to making an estimate based on her appearance. It’s important to note that these estimates, often influenced by physical attributes and youthful vigor, suggest that Nastya Bushcraft might be roughly around the age of 25.

Nastya Bushcraft is around 25 years old.

While this is a speculative figure and not a confirmed fact, it adds an extra layer of intrigue to the enigma that surrounds the face behind the captivating YouTube channel.

Nastya Bushcraft Facebook, Instagram, TikTok etc

TEOSGEAR conducted a thorough search but didn’t locate any official Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok accounts for Nastya Bushcraft.

In our investigation, we did come across two TikTok accounts bearing her name; however, they seem to be impersonators rather than authentic profiles.

Hence, there are no official social media accounts for Nastya Bushcraft.

Nastya Bushcraft Location

Nastya Bushcraft’s base is in the United States, though the specific locations where her videos are filmed remain a mystery as TEOSGEAR couldn’t pinpoint the exact geographical details.

What we are sure of is that her location is perfect for camping and adventures.

Nastya Bushcraft Boyfriend/Husband (Married?)

Nastya Bushcraft, undoubtedly an attractive woman, has naturally sparked curiosity among her male viewers regarding her personal life.

The burning question many ask is whether she’s married, in a relationship, or who her possible husband or boyfriend might be. In a quest to uncover these mysteries, TEOSGEAR scoured the depths of the internet.

Yet, despite our efforts, we found no information shedding light on Nastya Bushcraft’s relationship status, keeping her personal life well-guarded.

Nastya Bushcraft Camping Gear

TEOSGEAR cannot identify the exact brands and makers of Nastya Bushcraft camping gear and equipement. However, below are our best recommendations.

Support Nastya Bushcraft

To support Nastya Bushcraft and keep her adventures going, we encourage you to continue watching her YouTube videos. Her unique content brings a breath of fresh air to the platform and provides invaluable knowledge about surviving and thriving in the wild.

If you’re truly inspired by her work, consider contributing to her Donationalerts account. Whether it’s to fund her next adventure, improve her equipment, or simply show your appreciation, your support can help her continue to share her passion and knowledge with the world.

Nastya Bushcraft embodies the spirit of adventure and exploration, making the wilderness accessible and exciting for all of us. By supporting her, you’re not only enjoying incredible content but also contributing to the growth of a passionate creator.

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