Joe Robinet Gear

Joe Robinet Gear and Equipment

When talking about bushcraft and survival videos on YouTube, Joe Robinet is one of the most recognizable names.

Joe Robinet’s channel is a pillar of this type of video. With massive numbers of subscribers and a large amount of content on his channel, Joe Robinet is considered one of the pioneers of bushcraft and survival videos on YouTube.

Because of his influence, many fans and subscribers want to make him an inspiration in their adventures. They want to imitate his styles and techniques in the wilderness. And they also want to have the same gear and equipment that Joe Robinet is using.

The good news is that here in TEOS GEAR we are listing the gear and equipment of your favorite YouTubers. For this particular article, we investigated and identify some of Joe Robinet’s gear for your reference.

Joe Robinet Showed Us His Gear

Searching the internet and examining each videos to identify the exact name and brand of a certain gear is a nightmare. Thankfully, Joe Robinet already revealed some of his gear himself.

Joe Robinet uploaded a video on his channel where he listed several gear he uses in camp. According to him, these gear and equipment are the core items he frequently uses in his bushcraft and survival videos.

We searched the exact match of these gear on Amazon provided you the links for more information about the products.

We at TEOS GEAR think that the Gransfors Bruks Outdoor Axe is one of the coolest gear that Joe Robinet is using on his YouTube videos.

Joe Robinet Gear (Camping, Survival, Bush Craft etc.)

Listed below are the individual camping gear that Joe Robinet is using in his YouTube videos. This list is from a YouTube playlist called “Gear” on Joe Robinet’s YouTube channel. These gears are very useful in Bushcraft, Camping, Backpacking and Canoeing.

Joe Robinet Outdoor Saws

Joe Robinet Pants, Boots and Cool Weather Clothes

Joe Robinet Tent and Sleeping Bag

Joe Robinet Camera Gear and Equipment

We also searched for the gear and equipment of Joe Robinet in capturing those amazing YouTube videos. Below are the main camera gear that Joe Robinet is using in filming.

Joe Robinet Kayak and Canoe

Kayaks and canoes are the means of how Joe Robinet moves and go to different camping spots and that is why these are a big part of his adventures. His kayaks and canoes must be in good shape and condition before taking up outdoor challenges. Therefore, Joe Robinet only uses the same brand and maker that he trusts.

The kayaks and canoes of Joe Robinet are from Swift Canoe and Kayak.

This brand and maker of Joe Robinet’s kayaks and canoes is seldom mentioned on his YouTube channel. Many subscribers want to know this probably because they also want to buy and own the same kayak and canoe Joe Robinet is using. There is a big chance that you are one of the few people who now know this information because of this article.

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