Rokkit Kit Gear and Equipment

These Are The Gear of Rokkit Kit (YouTube)

Rokkit Kit is one of our favorite outdoor personalities on YouTube, including YBS Youngbloods, Cavy Fishing, Field Days, and more.

Rodney Pacitti also known as Rokkit Kit is an amazing YouTuber. He’s taking us to his solo adventures through his awesome camping, fishing, and solo survival videos. Truly, Rokkit Kit is one of the best outdoor geeks out there on YouTube.

One of the frequently asked questions about Rokkit Kit is the set of gear he uses on his YouTube videos. From his speargun to his cooking pan, fans are curious to know.

TEOS GEAR digs deep into it and here are some of the gear and equipment of Rokkit Kit that we managed to identify.

Rokkit Kit Gear and Equipment

Based on what we found and what we see in his videos, Rokkit Kit has plenty of gear and equipment. In one of the episodes of Rokkit Kit on YouTube, Rodney showed us all the gear and equipment inside his backpack. This gave us clear information about the types and brands of Rokkit Kit’s gear.

We also looked at other videos from his channel and all over the internet to get additional information about the gear and equipment of Rokkit Kit.

There are corresponding links to each gear where you can check it’s current prices on Amazon.

Rokkit Kit Camping Gear

Rokkit Kit Spearfishing / Diving Gear

  • Tusa Liberator dive mask (check the price)
  • Spyderco Fishhunter dive Knive Sea (check the price)
  • Hornet weight Belt
  • E:Green Imersion Fins
  • Adreno Moreton 110cm Speargun + Reel
  • Adreno 2mm Tuna stretch gloves
  • Adreno 2mm Tuna stretch booties
  • Billabong 2mm Revolution wetsuit top (check the price)

Rokkit Kit Camera Gear / Tech Gear

A quick note about the action camera of Rokkit Kit.

GoPro is a popular camera brand among Youtubers such as Brodie Moss of YBS Youngbloods is also using a GoPro. This is because the GoPro Hero is a versatile and durable action camera that offers great video quality and features that are perfect for any adventure or sport.

Whether you’re looking to capture stunning photos and videos while skiing, biking, climbing, or kayaking, the GoPro has you covered.

Rokkit Kit Fishing Gear

Rokkit Kit Knife Gear

Rokkit Kit Assorted Gear

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