If it’s about Korean Camping gear, we don’t need to look further than those that Rirang OnAir is using on her YouTube channel.

Rirang OnAir is one of the most beautiful and most charming Korean camping girls we love watching on YouTube. TEOS GEAR is a huge fan of Rirang as you can tell in an article where we refer to her as “The Korean Goddess of Camping”. Aside from her gorgeousness, Rirang OnAir’s videos are so much fun and calming to watch. (By the way, our second favorite Korean camping girl is Yoyo Camp).

Part of the success of Rirang in producing amazing videos is the camping gear she uses. So if you are also planning to get yourself camping gear or if you are looking for “Korean camping gear”, then Rirang OnAir is the best reference we can suggest.

TEOS GEAR examined the videos of Rirang OnAir and search the whole of the internet to provide you with the details of her camping gear.

Rirang OnAir Korean Camping Gear

We listed down below the camping gear of Rirang OnAir. We only included in our list the camping gear that we manage to identify with certainty.

These are the verified camping gear and camera equipment of Rirang OnAir. You can find below where to buy the gear and equipment that Rirang OnAir is using in making her awesome videos.

Rirang OnAir Camera Gear

Just in case you want to buy the exact camera setup of Rirang OnAir, below are the links where you can buy or check the prices of each gear on Amazon.

Rirang OnAir Camping Gear

In one of Rirang’s videos, she showed us the camping gear that she uses. These are a few of the camping gear from the checklist of Rirang OnAir, you can click the corresponding links to check the current prices and where you can buy them on Amazon.

These gear are tough and looks stylish, these are perfect for a Korean camping theme.

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