Rirang OnAir

Rirang OnAir: The Korean Goddess of Camping

If you love watching camping videos on YouTube, you probably know this gorgeous Korean lady doing solo camping trips.

Rirang OnAir is capturing the hearts of viewers through her beauty and charm. In addition to this, her videos is strikingly relaxing and cozy! What a killer combination for a camping Youtube channel.

Although she does not speak English in her videos, it does not stop her from being famous and from garnering hundred of thousands of views per month on YouTube.

In this article, you will know Rirang OnAir a lot better.

Note: As of the moment, there are little information publicly available over the internet about Rirang OnAir. This article will be updated regularly.

The Most Viewed Video of Rirang OnAir

The most viewed video of Rirang OnAir is titled “Camping in rain / Drinking alone” that was uploaded on May 8, 2021 on her YouTube channel.

This video is fun and mesmerizing to watch.

Rirang OnAir Real Name

Apparently, there was no publicly available data over the internet regarding the real and complete name of Rirang OnAir. But it is safe to assume that her first name is “Rirang”.

Therefore as of the moment, lets just say that the real name of Rirang OnAir is Rirang.

This will be updated as soon as additional information has been gathered.

Rirang OnAir Age, Family and Boyfriend

There is no publicly available data also for the age of Rirang OnAir.

But basing from her looks, it seems that Rirang OnAir is between 25 to 30 years of age.

There were no available information also about the family of Rirang OnAir. Same with Rirang OnAir boyfriend. One can bet that this is the most curious question of many guys out there.

Rirang OnAir Camping Gear

These are the verified camping gear and camera equipment of Rirang OnAir. Here you can find where to buy the gear and equipment that Rirang OnAir is using in making her awesome videos.

Rirang OnAir Camera Gear

Rirang OnAir Camping Gear

In one of Rirang’s video, she showed her camping gear that she uses. These are few of camping gear from the checklist that Rirang OnAir is using, you can click the corresponding links to check the current prices.

Rirang OnAir Location

All of Rirang OnAir’s camping episodes were filmed in South Korea where she is living. We can see from her videos how beautiful the country is.

South Korea’s climate is perfect for camping activities and adventures.

Rirang OnAir travels around the country doing backpacking, fishing, camping and other outdoor activities.

Rirang OnAir Social Media Accounts

There were several Facebook pages named after Rirang OnAir but it all looks like fake accounts. The real and genuine social media account of Rirang OnAir that is available over the internet is her Instagram.

Rirang OnAir Instagram

Other Information About Rirang OnAir

This is the list of other relevant information about Rirang OnAir to know her better:

  • Rirang OnAir was an office worker but she quit her job due to the pandemic. Today, she is a fulltime YouTuber.
  • Rirang OnAir is a cat lover. She is an owner of atleast 3 cats.
  • One of Rirang OnAir hobbies is watching Netflix.
  • Based from her videos, Rirang OnAir likes to drink alcohol or soju.
  • Rirang OnAir’s height is around 165cm.

Rirang OnAir YouTube Stats and Earnings

According to SocialBlade, here is the YouTube statistics of Rirang OnAir channel.

Subscribers: Over 750K

View Count: Over 97 Million

The estimated monthly earnings of Rirang OnAir off of YouTube ads is around 10K USD.

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6 thoughts on “Rirang OnAir: The Korean Goddess of Camping”

  1. Thanks man!
    Happened to be inspired by her videos I decided to try vlogging, and I wanted to know what gear she uses as a reference.

  2. Her videos, totally relaxing and refreshing. None of the macho know it all like too many others. Keep up the good work Rirang, you are earning an honest living and making millions happy. So wonderful to have Rirang to watch instead of the scripted movie crap produced in Hollywood, Ca.

  3. love your short camping clips. S Korea is absolutely wonderfull!! My wife and I truly enjoy your camping videos. Keep producing, we look for you on u tube daily. much luv from kansas…usa.

  4. Hello Guys,
    I tell you my informations about Rirang on Air.
    She is 36 or 37 years old. Before she was so well known, she did it all as a hobby. At that time she also had to earn her money in an office job. She is now her own boss, which she has a considerable reach through her YouTube videos. Several camping equipment companies use them as a promotional figure and also support them. Privately she has several brothers and also several cats in her small apartment.

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