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YOYO CAMP (YouTube): The Beautiful Korean Camping Girl

Aside from Rirang OnAir and other Korean camping YouTube channels, there is also this beautiful girl from Korea that is becoming more and more popular on YouTube.

Yoyo Camp is gaining popularity among solo camping video fans. Mainly because of its relaxing and satisfying videos and secondly because of her undeniable charm.

The videos of Yoyo Camp are a go-to watch if you want to find relaxing solo camping videos on YouTube.

In this article, you will know more about the Yoyo Camp YouTube channel.

Who Is Yoyo Camp?

There are not much information about Yoyo Camp over the internet.

What we know is that Yoyo Camp is a solo camping content creator from Korea. Yoyo Camp is about 30 years of age and fond of outdoor and adventures.

Yoyo Camp is a Korean solo camping content creator.

Yoyo Camp Real Name

The only available social media account of Yoyo Camp is her Instagram.

But it does not mention there her real name and other personal information. There is also no other info found over the internet about her which is why it is difficult to find Yoyo Camp’s real name.

But it is safe to assume that Yoyo Camp’s real first name is Yoyo.

Yoyo Camp Boyfriend / Husband

There is no available information as well about personal relationships of Yoyo Camp.

Therefore it cannot be determine if Yoyo Camp has a boyfriend or if she married. Definitely many male fans of here are curious about this information.

It is nevertheless safe to assume that Yoyo Camp has at least a boyfriend considering how beautiful she is.

Most Viewed Video of Yoyo Camp

The most popular video of Yoyo Camp on YouTube so far is the video titled “Solo camping at the hideout / Not perfect camping / Jeep Wrangler side solo tent” which was uploaded on April 24, 2022.

As of writing, this particular video of Yoyo Camp on YouTube already has over 500K views.

In this video, Yoyo Camp went on a solo camping trip on her Jeep Wrangler truck. The video is very interactive and it feels like you are with Yoyo Camp because of raw and point-of-view camera shots.

This video upload of Yoyo Camp is fun to watch!

Yoyo Camp Location

The location of Yoyo Camp is anywhere in the suburban and rural areas of South Korea.

Yoyo Camp can easily go to different beautiful camping sites thanks to her truck. Yoyo camp is transferring from one camping site to another in every video uploaded on YouTube.

The favorite spots of Yoyo Camp to go solo camping are inside the forest, by the river, lake or streams, and other relaxing places. Yoyo Camp is also fond of solo camping in the rain or during snowfall.

The Truck of Yoyo Camp

Yoyo Camp is able to go solo camping to different places thanks to her truck.

The truck or car of Yoyo Camp is a Jeep Wrangler.

The Jeep Wrangler is definitely for outdoor adventures just like the solo camping trips of Yoyo Camp. It has a rugged and hard look that perfectly blends with the outdoor. This is also the truck being used by other outdoor and camping personalities on YouTube, one of them is Go4x4.

Yoyo Camp’s Truck is a Jeep Wrangler

The Jeep Wrangler is always the best choice if it’s outdoor and adventure!

Yoyo Camp Gears

The gears of Yoyo Camp are the typical gears and equipment you can see on every solo camping YouTube channels.

There are tent, camping chairs, cook set and other stuff. However, we only got to know the brand of only one of Yoyo Camp’s gears and that is her tent.

Yoyo Camp’s using a Jake Lah tent.

Click here to search for Jake Lah tent on Amazon.

YouTube Stats and Earnings of Yoyo Camp

Here are the YouTube statistics and estimated earnings of Yoyo Camp courtesy of SocialBlade.

Subscribers: Around 50K (as of writing)

View Count: 3.5 Million (as of writing)

The monthly average earnings of Yoyo Camp from YouTube ads is 1,000 USD.

Support Yoyo Camp

Yoyo Camp is fast growing an audience on YouTube.

And it is not surprising because of her relaxing and satisfying video uploads. Yoyo Camp is giving her fans and viewers entertainment and inspiration.

For this, Yoyo Camp deserve more love and support!

Support Yoyo Camp by always watching her latest episodes on YouTube as well as subscribing to her. Also, don’t forget to follow her on social media!

Yoyo Camp Instagram

Yoyo Camp Facebook (unknown)

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