Cavy Fishing Gear

Cavy Fishing Gear

TEOS GEAR is a big fan of Adam Cavanagh also known as Cavy Fishing (and also Survival Beast).

Cavy Fishing is where you can watch heart pounding fishing moments on YouTube. Adam is showing us his monstrous catches and never failed to give his viewers a dose of adrenaline rush. And that’s where the curiosity around the fishing gear of Cavy Fishing started. Some want to copy ang buy the same fishing gear and others are just curious.

Below are what we’ve found when we searched Cavy Fishing channel and the web to identify his fishing gear!

Cavy Fishing Is a Fanboy of Daiwa

We stalked the Facebook page and YouTube channel of Cavy Fishing and here’s what we’ve found.

Based on the videos of Cavy Fishing posted on YouTube and Facebook, Adam Cavanagh is a huge fan of Daiwa fishing gears. He is using a Daiwa Saltiga Expedition 14k spinning reel and Daiwa Airportable PE8-10 rod. As for the lure, Cavy Fishing’s favorite is a popper which catches a lot of giant trevallies of GT.

We wrote here the lures and jigs that Cavy Fishing is using.

Cavy Fishing Setup

Cavy Fishing has many gear in his arsenal. We tried to identify as many as we can and we managed to compile the information to get the fishing set up of Cavy Fishing.

This is one complete set out of the several fishing gears that Cavy Fishing is using in his videos. Adam Cavanagh is also using spearguns occasionally in this channel!

REEL: Daiwa Saltiga Expedition 14k (check current prices)

ROD: Daiwa Airportable PE8-10 (search on amazon)

LINE: Daiwa Saltiga 12 PE8 (search on amazon)

LURE: Poppers and Stickbaits (We wrote here the lures and jigs that Cavy Fishing is using.)

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