Go4x4 is one of the best camping channels on YouTube.

Eugen Schledewitz with his girlfriend Kelly Bang and his dog Ted are making awesome ASMR camping videos for their subscribers. There is no denying that Go4x4 is considered an authority on this kind of videos on YouTube. And with that authority, fans are inclined to copy or make Go4x4 their inspiration in their own camping adventures.

One of the ways how fans are doing that is by buying the same camping gear used by Go4x4. By the way, we at TEOS GEAR also love the different camping gear of Go4x4, and we want also to have those.

List of Go4x4 Camping Gear

TEOS GEAR searched every gear of Go4x4 and we listed below all that we can identify.

There are too much gear and equipment that can be seen in the videos of Go4x4. If you are planning to make Go4x4 an inspiration for your camping gear and equipment, this short list we made will be helpful for you.

You can check the specs and prices of each camping gear in the corresponding links we provided.

Go4x4 Camping Gear and Equipment

Check out also the gear of our favorite YouTubers:

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