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Who is Ssoberry: A Gorgeous Korean Camping Girl

If you are a constant reader of TEOSGEAR, you know very well that we are fond of camping videos on YouTube.

One type of camping videos we admire is Korean camping usually done by beautiful girls. Our favorites so far are Rirang OnAir and YoYo Camp. But it seems that we need to reconsider our top choices of recommended Korean camping girls to watch on YouTube.

There is a rising star of Korean camping that is very gorgeous and worth every minute of your YouTube watch time.

In this article, TEOSGEAR will list down all information we can get about Ssoberry.

Who Is Ssoberry – Ssoberry Real Name

Ssoberry is a girl from Korea that uploads camping videos on YouTube.

She started her YouTube channel on November 1, 2022 and immediately gained lots of attention in the platform. As of writing this article, Ssoberry has more than 400,000 subscribers and her channel is growing fast.

The most frequently asked question about Ssoberry is what is her real name.

Apparently, TEOSGEAR searched into the whole of the internet and we cannot find any clue about Ssoberry real identity. But digging into her YouTube channel and online presence, we got to know Ssoberry’s Instagram account as well as her Telegram.

Ssoberry Instagram and Social Media

If you are a fan of Ssoberry and an internet person, you probably noticed the vast number of fake social media accounts impersonating Ssoberry in Facebook, TikTok, Pinterest, Instagram, and others.

Here are a couple of screenshots of Ssoberry fake social media accounts.

Ssoberry Fake Facebook Account

Ssoberry Fake TikTok Account

Beware of these fake social media accounts imitating Ssoberry!

Thankfully, Ssoberry discloses her real social media account on her YouTube channel. She included her official Instagram account in the about section of her channel. Thus, this Instagram account is the only legitimate social media account of Ssoberry.

Ssoberry Official Instagram Account

On this Instagram account of Ssoberry, we can get a glimpse of her personal life. It seems that Ssoberry is nice and kind lady from Korea. She frequently shares beautiful photos and few videos giving us an idea of a kind person she truly is. Such an amazing lady!

Through this account, we can also find her another Instagram account.

Ssoberry Telegram

If ever you want to connect and message Ssoberry especially to report the fake accounts associated to her then you can contact her through Telegram.

In this YouTube community post, Ssoberry tells her fans to message her for such incidents.

Ssoberry Age

Ssoberry’s beauty captures the hearts of many of her viewers and subscribers on YouTube.

She has a very beautiful face and youthful body. Hence, many asking about the real age of Ssoberry. TEOSGEAR tried to search all over the internet about the age of Ssoberry but we cannot find anything.

But basing from her appearance we can roughly estimate that Ssoberry’s Age is anywhere between 20 to 30 years old.

Ssoberry Camera and Camping Gear

There is no verified camera gear that Ssoberry used in her YouTube videos.

Although, we know the camera Ssoberry uses for phot capture. This is the Kodak Mini Shot 3ERA. This phot camera is 2-in-1 which is able to capture photos as well as print the same.

As for Ssoberry Camping Gear, hers is very similar to what Rirang OnAir is using for camping. Below are the recommended gear for Korean Camping theme.

TEOSGEAR will update this list as soon as we get further information about Ssoberry’s camera and camping gear.

Support Ssoberry

The description from Ssoberry’s YouTube channel reads “Time to take a breather from the tiring daily life”.

Seems like Ssoberry is a very warm and sincere person. Just like each one of us who experience tiredness from the daily tasks life requires us. As for Ssoberry, YouTube is the place where she can take rest and release stress and worries. In turn, Ssoberry’s fans and viewers feel the same way too when watching her videos. Ssoberry became the rest and relaxation of her fans all over the world and continues to inspire them in each video uploads.

Supporting and watching the YouTube videos of Ssoberry is not just about entertainment and relaxation.

It’s a way to be part of a collective celebration of the beauty of the outdoors and an opportunity to learn, connect, and share experiences with fellow nature lovers from all corners of the world.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of Korean camping by following her inspiring journey.

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