The pandemic brought about a whirlwind of emotions because of isolation and uncertainty surrounding the situation and its impact.

While many of us cope with this overwhelming situation by making the most of our days indoors, Geo Ong took this opportunity to make the best memories with his family through a camper van.

Based in Palawan, Philippines, exploring the outdoors is not new for the 26-year-old Geo Ong. Many of his videos on YouTube showed the breathtaking beauty of the island and the realities of camping.

His bold and spirited personality is also apparent on his YouTube channel. He has been addressing relevant social issues in his early career as a singer-songwriter and now as a dad, husband, and adventure-seeker to the Ong Fam, hopping from one camp spot to another.

Geo Ong’s Camper Van

After an encounter with strong winds that destroyed their tent one night while camping, Geo feared for his family’s safety and decided to buy a camper van. After all, what’s the better way to explore Palawan than in a fully-equipped camper van?

Geo Ong’s camper van is a Nissan Atlas 150 EXE 4-wheel drive.

With a cab-over style that offers good mobility and a reliable diesel engine, it makes the ultimate vehicle for adventures! Nissan Atlas is a popular truck series in the Japanese and European markets that earned a good reputation over the years.

Camping-Friendly Features

Geo made sure that his Nissan Atlas 150 EXE 4 WD is suitable for their camping needs, so he made some modifications.

He installed solar panels, added lights outside the van, and revamped the battery system. To ensure safety while driving, he also changed many of the existing parts of the camper van like the leaf springs, shock absorbers, and replaced the tires to load range E ones.

These changes are just minimal enhancements to the existing awesome functionalities that the van already has. Here are some of them that campers will surely love.

Spacious Compartments and Storage

No space was wasted with this camper van. Outside, there are already 3 compartments that are perfect for outdoor sets of gear and tools including a room for 2 gas tanks at the back.

Anyone keen on organizing can surely squeeze in a lot more with these spacious compartments; Geo Ong even used the diesel tank area for his spear guns. Inside, there are multiple overhead and hidden storage that keeps everything in place.

But what’s most notable is the full-on fridge that completes the tiny home set-up.

Convertible Living Area to Bedroom

Aside from the surprisingly large fixed sleeping area that this vehicle offers, the whole living room can actually be converted into a comfortable bedroom.

The window (with privacy curtains) gives off a natural light that makes the space feel so cozy for about 6-7 people that could easily fit in the area.

Fully Functional Kitchen

Many campers would prefer to cook outside, especially since there are cooking types of equipment that can easily be set up.

But this van still deserves credit for putting the essential kitchen needs in a very small space. It has a sink, a two-burner stove, an exhaust fan, a cupboard, and a small window that’s perfect for ventilation while cooking.

Built-In Awning

Who wouldn’t love an awning?

It’s an easy-to-install increased living space and protection from the sun and rain. The built-in awning of Nissan Atlas 150 EXE 4 WD is a camping-must-have and has proven to serve its purpose in many of Geo Ong’s camping experiences.

This article is written by Aira Bulquerin for TEOSGEAR.

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