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Who Is La Adventura Liza (YouTube)?

If you’ve been on TEOS GEAR before, you know that we are a big fan of amazing outdoor YouTubers and we make featured articles about them. Recently, there is a camping YouTube channel that caught our attention. This particular channel is called La Adventura Liza and it is on the rise garnering millions of views!

Aside from the fact that the videos of La Adventura Liza are awesome and refreshing, we keep wondering who is this beautiful girl behind the channel. We want to know more about her and her YouTube channel.

There is not enough information about La Adventura Liza over the internet, and so far, the information we manage to get based on our investigation is in the coming paragraphs. Let’s dive in!

La Adventura Liza Real Name

It is obvious from the name of the YouTube channel that the first name of the girl behind La Adventura Liza is indeed Liza. But we do not want to stop there, we want to know La Adventura Liza’s real full name. So we searched the internet to find the answer.

First, we examined her YouTube channel and checked all her videos as well as the comments on each videos in hope to find her real name. Unfortunately, there’s not a single mention about it anywhere in the YouTube platform.

With that, we move on to look at La Aventura Liza’s social media accounts which are her Instagram and Facebook. And again, there is no mention nor any clue available about La Adventura’s real name. There is also a website featuring La Adventura Liza and we know that this website is just throwing up false information.

And finally we think we got the real name of La Adventura Liza! It is highly probable that the real name of La Adventura Liza is Liza MacAlis.

We tried to donate to her PayPal account and this is the name we got. Bear in mind that in PayPal, the real name of the person you’re sending money is what appears on the account or the business name of the account owner. In this case, we have strong feeling that this is the real name of La Adventura Liza and this is not just a PayPal business name.

La Adventura Liza’s Name on PayPal (screenshot from Paypal)

Thus, the real name of La Adventura Liza is Liza MacAlis. She is around 25 to 30 years old.

Instagram and Facebook of La Adventura Liza

If you want to check out La Adventura Liza on other social media platforms, below are her Instagram and Facebook accounts.

La Adventura Liza Facebook

La Adventura Liza Instagram

Apparently, we did not found any account on TikTok, Twitter, and other platforms associated with La Adventura Liza. Be sure to visit this article from time to time to see any update.

La Adventura Liza Location

This is another tricky stuff about La Adventura Liza. There is no mention or tag that can be found on her YouTube videos pointing to her location or country at least. Same with her social media accounts where we did not find any clue about La Adventura Liza’s location.

But we don’t want to stop there.

We need to have at the very least an educated guess on where does La Adventura Liza’s videos were filmed. We really want to know her nationality or location so we investigate further.

Aside from Liza’s facial figure which looks like she’s from Latin America, we also see this info from La Adventura Liza YouTube channel’s bio:

Business Inquiries: [email protected] (English & Spanish only please)

– La Adventura Liza

The keyword we are looking at is the word “Preguntar” from her email which is the Spanish of “Ask” (thus the email translates as [email protected]). Ang the second clue is that she said you can only send her a message in English or Spanish only.

And that brought us to the conclusion that La Adventura Liza is from Latin America.

We don’t know yet in which country from Latin America but we will update this article as soon as we have evidences and relevant information.

La Adventura Liza YouTube Background

We mentioned in the intro that La Adventura Liza YouTube channel is on the rise and it truly does.

In fact, with just a single video the channel already meet the requirements of the YouTube Partner Program which are at least 4,000 watch hours for the channel and at least 1,000 subscribers. Again, it was achieved by La Adventura Liza with just ONE video! This is pretty amazing and many YouTubers will get jealous of this.

La Adventura Liza joined YouTube on April 5, 2022, and is now growing in views and subscribers every month. As of writing, La Adventura Liza has more than 200,000 subscribers with only 5 videos! Amazing feat!

There is no doubt that bushcraft and camping are very popular on YouTube especially if the character in the video is a woman. La Adventura Liza reminds us of Free Bushcraft, YoYo Camp, and Rirang OnAir among others. The ASMR vibe of their videos is very soothing and relaxing.

According to SocialBlade, La Adventura Liza is getting an average of 6 million views per month and has estimated monthly earnings of around 3,000 USD from YouTube ads.

Other Information About La Adventura Liza

As you might guess, we are getting obsessed with La Adventura Liza and we want to know more about her. We want to know if she’s married or single, how old is she, if La Adventura Liza has a boyfriend, does she have a pet, and many more. Unfortunately, at the time of writing this information cannot be found elsewhere on the internet.

One of the main thing we want to know is the bushcraft and camping gear that La Adventura Liza uses in her YouTube videos. As you know, we love gear and equipment and you can tell by the name of our website. We cannot determine from her videos the name and brands of her camping gear, but we found this camping tent from Amazon that is similar to the camping tent of La Adventura Liza.

We will update this article once we have more information about La Adventura Liza so be sure to visit this article from time to time.

For now, let’s just support and enjoy the awesome videos of La Adventura Liza on YouTube.

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