Can You Use Spinning Rod on a Conventional Reel

Can You Use Spinning Rod On A Conventional Reel? (Explained!)

You can attach a conventional reel to a spinning rod and go fishing. Some anglers do it without any problem at all. But there are a couple of disadvantages of doing so, and the worst thing to happen is that the spinning rod might break in rare scenarios. 

Check out these 2 major disadvantages of using a spinning rod on a conventional reel.

  • Rod prone to breakage
  • Difficulty in tackling big catch 

Major Disadvantages of Using a Spinning Rod on a Conventional Reel

Spinning Rod Will Break More Easily

One of the major differences between a spinning rod and a conventional rod is its bending direction.

Fishing rods are built to bend one way.

When a rod is bent against its natural bending direction, it is more prone to breakage. That is exactly what happens when you use a spinning rod on a conventional reel. You will force the spinning rod to bend the other way.

Thus it will be more prone to breakage.

Difficulty in Fighting Big Fish Due to Spinning Rod Guides

The placement of the guides on a spinning rod is different from a conventional rod. Conventional rod guides are placed in such a way that the line will not touch the blank. This is to avoid friction and abrasion to the line especially when fighting against a big fish.

However, this is not the case on a spinning rod.

Naturally spinning rod guides are placed at the bottom of the blank compared to conventional rod guides that are placed at the top.

Therefore, if you replaced a conventional rod with a spinning rod, the spinning rod guides will be placed upside down against their natural placement. And the problem with it is that spinning rods normally have fewer guides.

Because the guides are fewer and spaced farther the lines will most likely touch the blank.

To add, it is more likely to make damage to the guides because spinning rod guides are designed to take a pulling away pressure from the line rather than pushing force when the guides are used upside down.

Thus, if you will use a spinning rod with a conventional reel always make sure that the guides do not look like they will bend or break.

What Rod to Use for a Conventional Reel

It is important to note that there are anglers that use different types of a rod with their conventional reel. This is attributed to their preference and experience. Somehow they find it easier or convenient for them to use a spinning rod on a conventional reel. 

But in general, when using a conventional reel it is always advisable to also use a conventional rod. 

This is mainly because of the major disadvantages discussed above which are mainly rooted in the issue of compatibility. If the only rod you have is a spinning rod and you can’t afford to buy a conventional one for now then using a spinning rod on your conventional reel is fine.

You just can buy one if you already have the budget later on. 

Right Tool for the Right Job

In many instances we hear the phrase “right tool for the right job” and the same can be applied to fishing. 

Compatibility of gears is the key to an optimal fishing experience. 

In general, when using a conventional reel it is always good to use a conventional rod as well. Matching fishing gears may not be a big issue for a seasoned and experienced angler but for a beginner, it will make a lot of difference.

Some people just can’t afford to buy the right equipment and it’s totally fine. The important thing is that you are enjoying the game and you are catching fish!

But when the time comes that you have the funds to buy the right fishing gear, make sure to upgrade and acquire the right equipment.

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