Do I need bait if I have a lure?

Do You Need Bait While Using a Lure?

Some anglers and fishing enthusiasts use a lure with bait attached to its hooks while fishing. They say that putting bait in the lure makes it more attractive and enticing to fish. This can be true or not depending on who you ask. But it is indeed reasonable to say that fish will be more attracted because of two different snacks offered to them simultaneously. As the saying goes, the more the merrier!

Generally, it is not necessary to use bait with lures. The lure is enough to hook a fish. But depending on the target species, you may need to use bait instead of a lure, but not both.

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Bait vs. Lure

This is a never-ending debate between recreational anglers around the globe. But the thing is there is no need to argue with it in reality. Both have their own strengths and weaknesses.

The other may be applicable to a certain environment or target fish over the other and vice versa.

There are always pros and cons of using bait and a lure.

Bait Pros and Cons

1. Cheap and inexpensive1. Baits can be spoiled and needs refrigeration
2. Can be use to a wide variety of fish2. For live baits, it can be messy and dirty and even difficult to catch i.e., earthworms
3. Easy to use. You can cast and just wait for the fish strike3. It smells bad often
4. Super effective because fish eats the bait4. Since it can attract wide variety of fish, undersized and non-target fish hooked-up is usual
5. Baits are generally organic and does not pollute the environment5. Fish often swallow baits, therefore it usually stuck deep down and can potentially fatal for the fish. Thus, catch and release is difficult
Bait Pros and Cons

Lure Pros and Cons

1. Lures are fun and engaging to use1. Relatively expensive
2. A lure can cover a lot of water than a bait2. Can easily be snagged to rocks and debris
3. With lures you can target the size and specific fish you want to catch3. Using a lure requires more effort and movement such as trolling and cast and retrieve
4. Usually, fish are being hooked in the mouth, fins, and body parts making it easier for catch and release4. Fishing with lures requires some degree of fishing skills compared to bait fishing
5. Lures are reusable and can also be part of a collection5. Lures can pollute the environment if not properly disposed or if lost under bodies of water
Lure Pros and Cons


In conclusion, while bait and lure can be used simultaneously while fishing, it is not needed. You can always choose between the two depending on your situation and intentions.

Both have pros and cons and it is up to you to decide which one fits your purpose and preference.

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